• Friday 14 February 2020


    Research into fake webshops reveals scammers' methods and leads to thousands of fakes being taken down


    Key findings of an academic article about webshop fraud published by SIDN Labs

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  • Friday 31 January 2020


    Recursive resolver classification


    Wrapping up my master's thesis

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  • Monday 27 January 2020


    SIDN Labs to participate in two NWO-co-funded cybersecurity projects


    NWO is supporting the projects as part of the Third National Cyber Security Research Agenda

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  • Wednesday 22 January 2020


    SIDN Labs' experimental DoH server


    New system helps us keep abreast of how the DoH standard is developing. Give it a try!

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  • Software and tools


    We develop software and tools which are available for anyone.

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  • Publications


    Read the SIDN Labs papers, internetdrafts and our presentations.

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  • Statistics


    Look at the actual stats about the use of the .nl-zone. The .nl domain is one of the largest gTLD's worldwide.

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  • Projects


    SIDN Labs collaboretes with wellknown partners, like TU Delft, University of Twente and NLnet Labs.

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  • About SIDN Labs


    SIDN Labs is the research team of SIDN and is responsible for the development of new internettechnologies and systems.

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  • Do your thesis with us


    Are you an MSc student looking to start work on your master's thesis? Then check out what SIDN Labs has to offer!

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The world of Senior Research Engineer Maarten

After studying Informatics and Software Engineering at the University of Amsterdam, Maarten worked mainly in software development. Since joining SIDN Labs, the scientist in him has had the opportunity to blossom. He likes using his knowledge and skill to make a contribution to the community. Take ENTRADA, the high-performance data streaming warehouse. ENTRADA is an open source platform, [link: entrada.sidnlabs.nl] which helps researchers and network engineers to analyse large volumes of network traffic. Using smart algorithms, they can detect patterns that indicate phishing and botnets, for instance. That opens the way for prompt intervention and tracing the source of the trouble. The work that Maarten and his colleagues do helps to increase the security and stability of the .nl zone and the global internet infrastructure.

SIDN Labs is SIDN's R&D team. With our partners, we are constantly working to develop new insights and applications that contribute to the scalability and security of .nl, the Domain Name System and the internet infrastructure. While always guarding the privacy of internet users.


Your world. Our domain.


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