Draft Report Root Stability Study Published

We’re proud to announce that ICANN published the draft report of the root stability study that we at SIDN Labs carried out together with our colleagues at TNO and NLnet Labs. The report discusses the consortium’s investigation into the technical impact on the DNS root server system of the 1,100+ new gTLDs that have been delegated since October 2013 as part of the New gTLD Program.

Overall, our main finding is that the root DNS system has been able to handle the increase in root server traffic resulting from these new gTLDs. This is for instance because the DNS root is a highly diverse, flexible, and distributed system, which the 12 root server operators are able to grow as the demand for capacity increases. At the same time, it’s also a result of the low number of DNS queries for new gTLDs. For example, in the DITL 2016 measurements (April 2016), the fraction of queries for new gTLDs constituted only 1.1% of the total valid query volume that the root DNS system received (and it constituted only 0.4% of the total query volume).The full-blown details are available in our report, which is currently in the so-called “public comments period”. This provides an opportunity for all ICANN stakeholders to provide input and feedback on the study findings. Our consortium will incorporate this feedback into a final version of the report, which we will publish in April next year.The first possibility for the community to provide feedback is next week at ICANN57 in Hyderabad, India, where we will be presenting our work. We presented a sneak preview at RIPE73.ICANN awarded the root stability study to SIDN Labs, TNO, and NLnet Labs late 2015 after our consortium won a public Request for Proposals.


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