SIDN Labs hosts CENTR R&D Workshop 13

R&D Working Group to meet in Leiden on 27 and 28 November

CENTR's R&D working group is meeting again on 27 and 28 November. SIDN Labs is to host the upcoming gathering in Leiden, the Netherlands. Ahead of the event, we thought it would be useful to provide some background information about CENTR and its working groups.


CENTR (the Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries) is an association of country-code top-level domain administrators (ccTLD registries). Its main purpose is to provide members with a forum for dialogue and cooperation on matters of shared interest. Although formally established in 1999, CENTR actually began work the year before. The organisation has a European focus, but its members come from all over the world.

CENTR has various categories of membership: 'full member', 'associate member' and 'observer'. An organisation's membership category depends on the nature of the organisation and on CENTR's acceptance. Full members are European ccTLD registries, while associate members are other (top-level) domain registries, such as city-TLDs. Observers include research institutes, such as NLnet Labs and DNS-OARC, and other organisations, such as ICANN and ISOC. CENTR has fifty-five full members, nine associate members and thirteen affiliated observer members.

Within CENTR, six working groups are active, each with its own focus and specialist field:

  • Administrative Working Group

  • Legal and Regulatory Working Group

  • Marketing Working Group

  • Technical Working Group

  • Security Working Group

  • Research & Development Working Group.

The various groups meet on a regular basis. SIDN Labs is involved mainly with the Research & Development Working Group.

CENTR R&D Workshop hosted by SIDN Labs

At our invitation, the R&D Working Group is meeting this week for a two-day workshop at the City Resort hotel in Leiden. Nearly thirty delegates from seventeen organisations will be discussing a variety of R&D themes. Topics on the agenda include alternative name spaces, DNS traffic-based anomaly detection, and the security of the Internet of Things. The programme also features briefer 'lightning talks'. On day 2 there'll be a hackathon.

One recurring theme is how members can best cooperate. In the past, for example, we have opened up the ENTRADA platform for general use, leading to its adoption for various collaborative projects within CENTR. Similarly, we're now working on new tooling that is potentially useful to other members. Some other members have similar projects running, so we'll be looking to collaborate.

Naturally the upcoming workshop will be a great opportunity to talk over the possibilities.


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