Technical webinar: How you can use big data to improve the security and stability of the internet

During this technical webinar, which is from 3pm to 4pm (Dutch time) on Wednesday 15 November, we'll show you how SIDN Labs uses big data to make the internet more secure in the Netherlands and beyond. When cyber criminals use the DNS, we're able to spot their activities by analysing the DNS queries handled by our .nl name servers. We'll be explaining how we do that and how you can do it too.


  • Moritz Müller, Research Engineer at SIDN Labs, will be looking at abuse countermeasures based on data analysis. Our authoritative name servers get about 1.3 billion DNS queries a day. Unfortunately, not all of them are legitimate. Some originate from botnet clients and other malicious sources. Picking them out can be hard, partly because of the complexity of the DNS.

  • Maarten Wullink, Research Engineer at SIDN Labs, will be talking about the ENTRADA big data platform that SIDN Labs has developed. (ENTRADA stands for ENhanced Top-level domain Resilience through Advanced Data Analysis.) He'll explain what ENTRADA is and how it works. Together with Moritz, he'll also be presenting a number of interesting case studies involving initiatives such as nDEWS: a monitoring system that uses the DNS infrastructure for early detection of malicious domain names. 

  • Sebastiaan Assink, Key Account Manager at SIDN, will chair the webinar. He'll be putting questions to Moritz and Maarten to clarify how ENTRADA could be useful to registrars. You'll be able to ask your own questions using the webinar chat facility, and they'll be dealt with live.


Follow-up session

After the webinar, we plan to assess the appetite for exploring this topic in more depth. If there's enough interest, we'll organise a practical follow-up workshop at our offices.

Register for the webinar now!

Register on the website of OnlineSeminar. The webinar will be in Dutch. If you don't understand Dutch but you're interested in the webinar, drop a line to and we'll find a workaround.


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