SIDN Labs, the research- and developmentteam of SIDN

We develop and evaluate new technologies and systems with a view to further enhancing the stability and security of .nl, the DNS and the infrastructure of the wider internet.

We are SIDN's research and development team. We develop prototypes and test new technologies and systems. Our work helps to increase the security and stability of .nl, the Domain Name System and the infrastructure of the internet. We often work with other companies and research institutes, including the University of Twente, Delft University of Technology, TNO and NLnet Labs. We are active in three main areas:

1. We look at ways of making the Domain Name System (DNS) better and more secure.

We work on refinements to the DNS protocol, for example. And on further development of the DNS as a globally distributed system. The DNS is a core component of the internet infrastructure. It translates domain names into the associated IP addresses, allowing people to reach the websites they want and enabling lots of other things on the internet to work.

A few examples of our work in this field:

  • Self-organizing Anycast Networks for the DNS (SAND)

    This project is concerned with the management of large DNS anycast networks. Our aim is to make the management more flexible and to automate it as much as possible. That involves developing new monitoring systems and smart decision-making algorithms, for instance. We do this work in partnership with the University of Twente and NLnet Lab.
  • Secure domain name transfers

    An extension to the EPP protocol allows DNSSEC-secured domain names to be transferred from one registrar to another without affecting security. We developed the first version of the extension. It has since been refined by other ICT experts and submitted to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Soon the IETF is going to publish it as a global standard.
  • Valibox

    The Valibox is a small wi-fi router that anyone can connect to their home network in order to get the security benefits of DNSSEC. No special technical knowledge or skill is needed. It uses a validating resolver that we developed on the basis of Unbound server software. Our solution is suitable for equipment running on the OpenWRT operating system. We'll soon be making the software available in open source form via

2. We analyse data from our DNS

DNS data is analysed to automatically pick up abnormalities and threats in the DNS traffic, for example. That enables us to improve the stability and security of .nl and the internet's infrastructure. Analysing DNS data also helps us to develop and evaluate technical policies, identify trends and provide input for other people's research and development work. We've developed a special platform for this work, called ENTRADA. You can download your own copy of the software from

If you're interested in the data we collect, visit our statistics page. The information there provides a more comprehensive overview of the .nl domain. You can also download data for your own research. Our statistics are compiled using the ENTRADA platform.

3. We have a privacy framework to keep a healthy balance between privacy and other interests

We think privacy is very important, especially with a data analysis platform such as ENTRADA. So we've worked with our legal team to develop a privacy framework. It helps us to strike a healthy balance between protecting the privacy of .nl users and keeping the DNS stable and secure.

Want to find out more? Or team up with us on a project?

For details of our results, read our blogs and publications. Feel free to download our software and tools.

Got a question? Got a project in mind that we could cooperate on? Drop a line to Cristian Hesselman.

SIDN Labs Team

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    Caspar Schutijser

    Research engineer

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    Cristian Hesselman

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    Elmer Lastdrager

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